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Covert video surveillance is often used by individuals to determine the faithfulness of spouse, or for divorce and child custody cases. For businesses, surveillance can be used for workplace theft investigations, and for suspected areas of conflict of interest. Insurance companies also use surveillance for death and disability investigations.

While all too common misconceptions abound concerning the job of a private investigator, it’s important to note that modern day professionally licensed private investigators are not like the Hollywood portrayal of fictional detectives. When it comes to covert video surveillance, your private investigator will not be able to sneak into houses, peer through windows, and hide out in showers. Private investigators are effective at obtaining information, but they are well-skilled at employing methods that are legal and ethical.

To help you brush up on your knowledge of the law as it pertains to covert surveillance, here are some situations where it may be illegal to conduct video surveillance.

When is Covert Surveillance Illegal?

•    In cases where the subject has a reasonable expectation of privacy as per their 4th Amendment right. Indoor locations such as homes and motel rooms are off limits. 

•    If covert audio is taking place at the same time.

In some cases, covert surveillance may also be illegal if:

•    The person who owns the premises does not consent.
•    The video surveillance is obtained for an illegal purpose.

As a general rule, when a less invasive investigative method is available, covert video surveillance is generally avoided. Surveillance should also be avoided in scenarios where the legality of the surveillance is in question.

Why Hire a Private investigator?
A licensed, private investigator is experienced in obtaining valuable evidence, or information pertaining to a case. Whether you are looking for a private investigator for personal matters, such as an infidelity investigation, or for a business-related matter, a licensed private investigator is the most effective way to find out what you need to know.

When hiring a private detective for video surveillance, it’s important to make sure you hire one who is qualified, and licensed by the state. A licensed private investigator will be well versed on the law as it pertains to surveillance, so you can have confidence that any information obtained during the investigation will be obtained legally. Licensed private investigator’s videos and photos are also admissible as evidence in court.

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