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Houston Surveillance Investigator
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Houston Surveillance Investigator
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We have successfully conducted literally thousands of covert surveillances for civil, corporate, and personal clients. All our investigators are highly trained and experienced at conducting mobile, stationary, and foot surveillances. All video evidence is lawfully obtained and can be presented in court. We conduct discrete surveillance and obtain high quality video and still images of the subject's activities. We provide thorough and complete reports, which can include digital full color still images. Video is one of the most powerful and irrefutable types of evidence, and it empowers you and your team to substantially minimize losses. All our investigators are fully licensed and have experience testifying in both federal and state district courts.

Covert Video Surveillance InvestigatorDeath & Disability Investigations for Insurers: Since 1980, our expert surveillance investigations have saved our insurance clients hundreds of millions of dollars. We specialize in high indemnity death and disability investigations relating to medical malpractice, transportation, shipping, environmental, personal injury, product liability, premises liability, and maritime matters. Many lawsuits are simply without merit, and even legitimate cases are often grossly exaggerated. Surveillance tests the credibility of the subject and their lawsuit or claim. Surveillance video allows the client, the judge, or the jury to see a Day in the Life of the plaintiff, when he or she believes no one is watching. The video usually reflects that the claimant's purported injuries have been exaggerated or even fabricated. Claimants frequently work undeclared jobs or conduct strenuous activities, which are inconsistent with their claims of injury. Surveillance is of tremendous value to insurance adjusters or injury defense litigators.

Workplace Theft: We investigate internal and external theft of service and/or product. We conduct static and mobile surveillance to identify and\or eliminate suspects. Once it has been determined that am employee has committed a crime, we tediously build a legal case by conducting further video surveillance, conducting audits, and interviewing witnesses. If prosecution is requested we liaison with law enforcement to prepare and present the case for prosecution.

Conflict of Interest: Discrete surveillance is an effective means of identifying and exposing corporate conflicts of interest. We monitor the employee or principle's activities and identify who, where, and when they meet. We determine whether the employee is spending paid company time for conflicting endeavors.

Houston Surveillance InvestigatorLong Range Surveillance: Long range surveillance requires special skills and equipment. Long range surveillance is frequently required when conducting workplace theft and personal injury investigations. We have a broad array of digital and optical equipment, which allows us to obtain the highest quality video and still evidence in the industry. In optimal environments we are able to positively identify subjects as far away as 750 yards, and can document license plates as far away as 200 yards.

Personal Matters: Surveillance is the most commonly requested investigative service in divorce, child custody, and infidelity investigations. Some investigators refuse to work personal\domestic investigations. We serve a wide range of clients and are here to meet all their investigative needs. We do not pick and choose our cases based upon whether those needs are of a business or personal nature. If you are concerned about the fidelity or well being of a loved one, we are prepared to meet your investigative needs. Whether you are an existing client or a new client, rest assured that your personal business will remain strictly confidential. We have nearly three decades of experience providing surveillance and confidential personal investigative services to private individuals.

GPS Tracking: When legal, we can utilize GPS tracking devices to aid in the surveillance effort. We can covertly track vehicles for a period of 5-7 days without interruption.

About Our Video & Images: We provide the highest quality surveillance services, with stunning full color, print, and video presentations. Our digital surveillance video can be downloaded from our password protected server, or provided on CD-ROM or DVD. Video can be provided in Microsoft MPEG, WMV, or QuickTime MOV. Still photography can be provided to clients electronically as JPEG image or in Adobe .PDF format. We are happy to prepare the stills or videos in your preferred format. We do bill for processing time, but you are otherwise free to use the images and video in your presentations without paying any content fees.

Sub Rosa: Sub Rosa is a Latin phrase which means "under the rose". In the Middle Ages a rose suspended from the ceiling of a council chamber pledged all present, those under the rose, to secrecy. In English Sub Rosa is used to connotate secrecy or surveillance, usually in legal situation. We provide Sub Rosa services to our legal clients. For more information refer to other types of surveillance above.

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