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Houston Infidelity Surveillance
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Getting Started: There are a few things you should know before you hire a private investigator to investigate your significant other. Whether we are investigating a spouse, or a significant other, the investigation will be handled in largely the same manner. For the purpose of this article, whether it is a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, we will refer to your significant other as your spouse. Each case is different, but most clients come to us with little more than suspicions. Some have more information than others, but they need the proof. The smoking gun, so to speak. That is where we come in. As investigators it is our job to meet with you and discuss your suspicions and your spouse’s behavior. We can then make a reasonable recommendation to you about how to proceed. There may be some initial background work that needs to be done, such as running license plates, tracing phone numbers, and identifying coworkers or suspects. Eventually, almost all infidelity investigations require surveillance. The background work can initially be done to verify suspicions and identify the suspects; but in the end surveillance is usually needed to catch a cheating spouse.
Surveillance: Surveillance is most commonly conducted during the lunch hour, in the evenings, or on weekends. Occasionally meetings will occur in the morning before business hours, but it is rare. We will follow your spouse and monitor his or her activity. We will obtain video of the places your spouse goes, and the people they meet. If your spouse meets with a potential paramour we will follow them and document all activity. The goal in virtually every domestic surveillance is to determine whether your spouse is engaging in inappropriate physical behavior with another. During surveillance we are most concerned with identifying and documenting any public display of affection between your spouse and another paramour. Most couples that are intimate will display public affection, such as embracing or kissing when they feel that no one is watching. Many will take it a step further and rendezvous at a hotel, motel, or they may meet at the other paramour’s home. Frequently inappropriate activity occurs in vehicles due to the restrictions imposed by the secretive nature of the relationship.
Bars & Restaurants: If we feel that the spouse is engaging in inappropriate behavior in bars and restaurants, we can follow them in and monitor their activity inside the establishment. Our goal is always to maintain the discretion and integrity of the investigation. As the client you must be prepared to defer to the investigator’s judgment about covert video and photography in such establishments. In some case we will be able to discretely obtain video or pictures inside bars or restaurants, but there are no guarantees.
Technology & the Internet: With the advent of cellular phones and the internet it is much easier for an unfaithful spouse to stray outside the marriage or relationship. Many modern adulterous affairs have an internet aspect to them. Spouses frequently have secretive email accounts, or internet dating site accounts, which they maintain at work, or hide from their spouse at home. Chat programs like MSN and Yahoo can start innocently enough, but can easily lead to flirting and eventually to meetings. Almost all modern affairs are facilitated by the everyday use of cellphones. In a wired society it is simply easier for spouses to stray and easier for them to get away with it. With cellphones meetings can be arranged spontaneously with little or no planning, and with virtually no interference from the committed spouse.
Long Range Surveillance: Long range surveillance requires special skills and equipment. Long range surveillance is frequently required when conducting infidelity investigations. We have a broad array of digital and optical equipment, which allows us to obtain the highest quality video and still evidence in the industry. In optimal environments we are able to positively identify subjects as far away as 100 yards.

Prepare Yourself: Often, you must be prepared to assess the evidence gathered and make your own decision about your spouse’s fidelity. We have had cases where the spouse was careful not to show public affection, but our investigator photographed the spouse and a paramour entering and exiting a hotel room. Yet still the spouse was able to persuade the client that the meeting was “a business meeting”. Some adulterous spouses are very careful not to show public affection, and can be very persuasive and very manipulating once confronted. They will try to turn the tables and claim that you have invaded their privacy. The right to privacy ends when a purportedly monogamous spouse crosses the line into an adulterous relationship. As the client you have a responsibility to yourself to intelligently and objectively weigh the evidence and draw your own conclusions. 

Confidentiality: We serve a wide range of clients and are here to meet all their investigative needs. We do not pick and choose our cases based upon whether those needs are of a business or personal nature. If you are concerned about the fidelity or well being of a loved one, we are prepared to meet your investigative needs. Whether you are an existing client or a new client, rest assured that your personal business will remain strictly confidential. We have nearly three decades of experience providing surveillance and confidential investigative services to private individuals.
GPS Vehicle Tracking: When legal, we can utilize GPS vehicle tracking devices to aid in the surveillance effort. We are able to surreptitiously track vehicles for a period of 5-7 days without interruption. If you are the legal owner of the vehicle, we can use GPS vehicle tracking to help you catch a cheating spouse. 
About Our Video & Images: We provide the highest quality surveillance services, with stunning color print and video presentations available. Our digital surveillance video can be downloaded from our password protected server, or provided on CD-ROM or DVD. Video can be provided in MPEG, WMV, or QuickTime MOV. Still photography can be provided to clients electronically as JPEG image or in Adobe .PDF format. We are happy to prepare the stills or videos in your preferred format. We do bill for processing time, but you are otherwise free to use the images and video in your presentations without paying any content fees.

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