Find People is the premier source on the web for those trying to find individuals that are missing or hiding. We find people that no one else can. We locate hard to find missing persons, witnesses, debtors, heirs, and mineral right owners, among others. Our professionals have decades of experience finding people that no one else can find. If you have hit a dead-end in your efforts to locate someone, and it’s costing you money, you have come to the right place.

If you have been looking for someone for months or even years, there is still hope. The professionals at SkipTracePro will explain our fees and walk you through the process of hiring us. We are not a commission or contingency based firm. We do not take a percentage of your recovery amount. We agree on a reasonable initial retainer, and work within it. We can not guarantee to find everyone within the minimum retainer, but we do find over 90% of our subjects for the minimum. In the rare case in which we do not find the target, we still provided you with any updated information we develop during the course of our investigation.


We provide services to land professionals of all kinds. Whether you work for a major oil company, a small independent company, or are a self employed Landman we can help you. Missing mineral rights owners, can delay drilling and exploration for weeks, if not months. Don’t postpone or abandon prospects because you think you can’t find the mineral rights owners.

Oil and gas mineral rights are often handed down from one generation to the next. Over time these interests can be split and re-split again and again. This can make finding the current owner or owners very difficult. We have a proven track record of success finding missing mineral rights owners. In many instances the recorded mineral rights owners are deceased. Often, their heirs are not even aware that the mineral rights exist, much less that they own them. We initiate an investigation to determine whether the recorded owner is living or deceased. If they are living we begin the process of locating them, and putting them in touch with the Landman. If the owner is deceased we conduct a genealogical investigation to identify and locate their most likely heir or heirs. If needed we can make contact with the owner or their heirs and verify who they are. We can then get them in touch with you, so your obstacle can be removed. This process is usually completed within 48 to 72 hours once we are assigned the case.


If you are trying to find a witness for service of subpoena, or an adversarial party for suit, we can help you. We have a proven tack record locating hard to find witnesses and parties in civil matters of all kinds. If needed we can conduct an asset search, in order to determine whether filing of a civil suit is even justified. We do not serve subpoenas, but once we find the party, we will gladly refer you to a competent process server. If you need the witness interviewed after we locate them, we can do so for an additional, but reasonable fee.

Clouded Titles

If you are a real estate broker or agent with a clouded title, we can help you find the people necessary to clear the title. Don’t delay real estate closings because you can’t find the owner, or their heirs.

Vacant or Unclaimed Properties

The competition for purchasing vacant and unclaimed properties is fierce. The first person to find the missing owner usually has the best chance of purchasing that unclaimed or vacant property at a bargain basement price. Don’t let your competitors outmaneuver you by beating you to the punch at the skip trace game. Whether you are new to the business, or an experienced real estate professional, we can help you find owners quickly and efficiently. If you are aware that a property is going to auction, you need to act quickly if you plan to make an offer before the auction. Why bid against numerous competitors at auction, when you can make a lower offer and purchase the property before the auction even occurs.


Would you rather find your debtors sooner or later? The longer you wait to find the debtor the less likely it is that you will recover the debt. We can help you shorten your debt collection cycle, and dramatically improve your bottom line.

Recovery of High Dollar Property

Was your vehicle or vessel subleased by you or another party to a lessee who has ceased making payments. Is this wrecking your credit and putting your financial future in peril. Has the person disappeared with your




Child Abductions and Interference with Child Custody

We DO NOT locate ex husband’s or wives, ex boyfriends or girlfriends, or internet paramours. Please do not call us and ask us to do such a locate, as your request will be denied. If you have a civil lawsuit, related to a divorce, child custody case, or financial loss, please feel free to have your attorney contact us. We will only work with legitimate counsel in such cases. If you do not have and attorney or pending litigation, we will not be able to help you with personal locates.

Welfare Checks & Lost Relatives (Other Than Spouses or Ex Spouses)

We do not locate spouses or ex-spouses. If a spouse has chosen to leave you and not be found, we have a moral, ethical, and legal duty to respect that decision. However, many have loved ones have gone off the grid, and their family doesn’t even know if they are still living. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to locate them and conduct a welfare check to determine if they are safe and sound. People can go off-the-grid for any number of reasons. They may have become homeless, and were too proud to ask the help of family. They may have emotional or psychological issues that need addressing. We can locate them and make contact to let them know that their loved ones are prepared to provide assistance.