Houston Infidelity Investigations FAQ

Investigative Services For Private Individuals

Just as insurers and attorneys have special needs, so too do private individuals. You have likely come here looking for answers. You may be facing a personal crisis, or having doubts about the loyalty or well being of a loved one. You may have suspicions which you need confirmed or laid to rest. Whether you are dealing with a missing child, a cheating spouse,  a divorce, or a child custody matter; we are prepared to help you determine the truth. Knowing the truth will empower you to move forward decisively and confidently. We offer a broad range of services to meet all your investigation needs.


Private individuals frequently require surveillance to help them determine the truthfulness of a spouse or significant other. We have years of experience conducting surveillance in the Houston area. We obtain high-quality video and still images of the subject’s activities. All evidence is lawfully obtained and presented in a simple, straightforward manner. High-quality video evidence is provided on a video file or DVD. Digital full color still images can also be included in our written reports. Expert presentations are available for mediations, trials and client presentations.

Other Services

A few of our other specialized services include:

  • Spousal and Premarital Investigations
  • Infidelity, Divorce and Child Custody Investigations
  • Video Documentation
  • Locating Runaways and Missing Persons
  • Adoption Issues
  • Criminal Investigations
  • People Locates (Skip-Trace)

Background Investigations

We utilize a multitude of sources and techniques to provide you with the most accurate and detailed information possible. Background Investigations and skip-traces start at as little as $350.

A few of the records available include:

• Specialized Database Research
• Liabilities, Lien, Judgments
• Telephone Records
• Non-Published Phone Numbers
• Asset Searches
• Employment Verification
• Identity Theft
• Counter-Measures (Phone Tap Detection and De-Bugging)
• Property Records
• Business Searches
• Associates Searches
• Relative Searches
• Drivers License Records
• Vehicle Registration Records
• Civil & Criminal Records
• Sex Offender Records
• Marriage and Divorce Records
• Bankruptcy Records
• Civil Lawsuits
• Property Ownership

You will appreciate the professional product and courteous treatment you receive from our firm. Houston Detective is committed to providing clients with a modern product and the highest possible level of customer service. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions, or we can be of assistance to you.