Private Investigator Services

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of investigative services with unequaled integrity. We serve our clients with complete integrity, outstanding customer service, and personal attention. We are a professional private investigation firm and we work with a wide variety of clients including large corporations, insurance companies, law firms, and municipalities. We provide exceptional value to our clients by combining our investigative skill with our business knowledge. A proper investigation can greatly reduce your exposure to civil litigation and likely result in losses being reduced or dismissed. Last year alone, our investigative efforts resulted in more than $20 million in savings and jury awards for our clients.

The following is a brief list of the investigative services we offer:

Claim Investigation

Can’t seem to find that witness, when it comes to locating people and assets? We deliver what others promise! Houston Detective is committed to fighting fraudulent insurance claims. Fighting insurance fraud begins with the help from experts. Whether you are fighting an exaggerated injury claim or a staged accident, Houston Detective can help you reduce your exposure. We offer a wide variety of services to attorneys and law firms. We work with a wide range of law firms and attorneys assisting them in civil litigation, mediation assistance, and case preparation for court testimony.

Civil litigation cases require facts and proof. We will produce the facts and proof needed to strengthen your position. We understand the ever-increasing exposure to civil lawsuits and claims for damages arising from false allegations. Our surveillance investigators pride themselves in deception, confidentiality, and their ability to get bottom line results. Our pre-surveillance background investigation allows us to gain valuable intelligence about our subject before ever leaving the office. As a result of these efforts, our surveillance investigators have a success rate (88%) that is higher than the industry standard. Simply put “WE GET VIDEO

Pre-Employment Background Screening

Before choosing an online search company to conduct your pre-employment or tenant screening know the facts. Only 10%-20% of all criminal records are available online. 56% of all companies use a private investigation firm to do their pre-employment background screening. Employee theft cost companies more than $4.0 billion dollars annually. THE INVESTIGATIVE FIRM can be your partner in helping to increase your profits by hiring more efficient employees. We are ready to assist your company with all your pre-employment background screening needs. Our services include:

  • Criminal Record Search
  • Credit Reports
  • Driving Records, Social Security Number Trace
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim Search
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Civil Record Search
  • Professional License Verification
  • Asset Search
  • Bankruptcy Lien and Judgment Search.

We specialize in on-site record searches. We have associates available to go into any courthouse or government agency in the United States and manually search for criminal and civil court records. We take pride in our dedication to unsurpassed customer service, affordable pricing, and fast yet accurate, turnaround times. The majority of our searches are completed within 48 hours of the request. Whether it’s by computer, microfilm, or microfiche, if there’s a criminal record, WE’LL FIND IT!