Houston Legal Investigator

Attorney Services

Houston Detective is proud to have served the Houston legal community for over 30 years. We have built strong relationships with our legal clients because we take the business of legal investigations very seriously. We understand that by referring your client to us, you are extending your credibility to us. We will always handle you and your client’s legal investigation professionally, ethically and tenaciously. As an attorney, you have particular needs. Our objective is still to tailor each investigation and each investigator to your specific legal case.

The services of a competent private investigator can drastically improve the quality and relevancy of information you process that is essential to providing the best representation for your clients. The private investigative practitioner versed in investigating and acquiring potent information that can strengthen your case utilizing his/her investigative acumen and resources can be a strategic addition to your other formidable experts utilized in delivering high caliber services to your clients. Leverage our knowledge, experience and street savvy to your advantage and to mitigate the representation of adversaries. Confidentiality, resourcefulness and persistence are qualities that are at the core of our services.

A few of the investigative services we most frequently provide attorneys are:

Private investigative attorney services can be used to augment in house staff, resource for field investigations and services best performed by private investigators. It is our objective to furnish the best quality information that can substantially improve your success ratio in client representation. All services are performed by competent investigators versed in investigative protocol and amendable to your instructions as hiring law firm.

Locating Witnesses

The internet has equipped you with an array of resources to help you find people. Unfortunately, many of those resources are outdated and inaccurate. Many searches result in wasted time and resources. Finding a witness may not be an effective use of your time. Don’t waste valuable time and money trying to do investigations if that is not your primary business. When hiring a Houston legal investigator, it is imperative that you hire someone with the tools and the experience to meet all your investigative needs. We subscribe to over a dozen proved information resources, which enable us to cross-check the data integrity. While we use databases on nearly all locates, the witness is usually discovered by further traditional investigative inquiries. As experienced licensed legal investigators, we have the knowledge and expertise to find your witnesses fast and affordable.

Interviewing & Statement Taking

Once we’ve located your witness, our investigator can make contact and find out what the witness knows about your case. Based on your instructions, we will determine whether you need a statement from the witness. If so, we can quickly obtain a recorded or written statement, and if required, have it legally notarized. We have interviewed countless legal witnesses and understand the subtleties of the investigative process. When you need a competent Houston legal investigator to find a particular witness, we can find them, interview them, and deliver them to you.

Asset Searches

Getting a significant judgment against a defendant is only half the battle. If there are no assets to collect, the decision may be little more than a symbolic victory. That’s where we come in. We assist attorneys and their clients, pre and post-judgment, in determining if their opposition has assets to collect upon, if they are already burdened or where they are trying to hide them. Our legal investigators have the skill, knowledge, and tools to identify assets and liabilities, to help you determine whether the judgment is worth pursuing. Pre-judgment, we identify assets upon which you can file a lis pendens, in the event litigation is required. Before engaging in costly litigation make sure the defendant has assets to recover. If your client already has a judgment and needs to find the debtors assets we can find them quickly and affordably.

Background Investigations

Whether investigating a witness, plaintiff, defendant, or even a client. It is critical that you develop useful, reliable information. A necessary background investigation may include a search of criminal, civil, and bankruptcy records; at the federal, state and local level. A more detailed background may also verify professional credentials, references, education, and financial records. Among other things, a background investigation may turn up a criminal history, shady business dealings, bankruptcy, or a pattern of filing exaggerated or bogus lawsuits for financial gain. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs and witnesses lie about such matters in depositions and court discovery.  Having all the facts can make or break your legal pleadings, depositions, or even your case. We are experts at identifying what records and jurisdictions need to be searched and bringing all the data into a concise report that you can use to an advantage in your cases. When you need the truth, we can find it.


As longtime Houston legal investigators, much of our business is related to personal injury defense investigations. With over 25 years of experience, our investigators have conducted thousands of covert surveillance with effective results for our clients. We are trained and equipped to handle the most complex surveillance operations, from long range surveillance to covert hidden camera surveillance.

Many lawsuits are utter without merit, and even legitimate cases are often grossly exaggerated. Surveillance is an effective means of assessing the credibility of both the subject and their lawsuit or claim. Surveillance allows you to see a day in the life of the plaintiff, while they are engaged in normal daily activities. More times than not, surveillance reveals that the claimant’s actual physical capabilities are entirely inconsistent with the assertions of the lawsuit or claim. Claimants are frequently working undeclared jobs or conducting strenuous activities, which are inconsistent with their claims of injury.

We are experts at long range surveillance. Our equipment includes night vision, GPS tracking, wireless recording equipment, and digital and optical photo and video equipment. We stay current on state and federal laws and conduct all investigations lawfully. All investigators are fully licensed and all evidence obtained can be presented in court.

Due Diligence

When engaged in mergers and acquisitions, it is critical to investigate all the parties and entities involved. Our legal investigators assist you in the research and analysis of an individual or company, in preparation for a business transaction. Due diligence serves to confirm all material facts in regards to the operation or partnership. Due diligence is necessarily a way of preventing unnecessary harm to your client when involved in a transaction. Rest assured the other side will do their due diligence. By looking at the other party’s past performance, we help you, and your clients predict future performance and minimize risk.