Locate People in Houston

The internet has provided you with an array of resources to help you find missing people. Unfortunately, many of those resources are outdated and inaccurate. Most internet searches result in wasted time and resources. Many supposedly free “people searches”, wind up costing you and your staff, not only money but valuable time. Finding an individual is seldom an effective use of your time. We have the means to locate your party promptly and cost-effectively. We have been doing skip trace locates for our clients for the better part of 30 years. We subscribe to over a dozen proved information resources, which enable us to cross-check the data integrity. While we use databases on nearly all locates, the skip is usually discovered by further investigative inquiries. We have the knowledge and experience to find your witnesses fast and affordably. Whether you need to locate a client, a witness, or a debtor, we can do so quickly and cost-effectively. A few of the most common skip trace services we provide are:

Client Locates

A number of attorneys hire us to locate their clients. This is particularly common in the liability insurance industry. Because, damage related lawsuits are usually filed a year or more after the original date of the incident or accident; the originally insured has frequently moved, changed insurers, and is unreachable. If the client is unable to locate the insured client, they are unable to adequately defend the case. These individuals are seldom hiding, but they can be very difficult to find and communicate with. We are usually able to find these clients quickly and cost-effectively. We communicate to the insured that they need to cooperate and assist in defense of their case, or they may wind up with a default judgment against them. Once these witnesses realize that they are being defended by their insurer’s counsel at no cost, they are usually eager to assist in their defense. We have a very high success rate in these cases. Our skip trace services enable the insurer and their counsel to defend the case effectively and without delay.

Heirs to Estates

We have had remarkable success assisting clients in their efforts to identify and locate missing or unknown heirs. Whether you are an attorney or an executor, we can help you identifying and locating heirs, and\or their relatives; and determining whether they are living or deceased. We rely on a multitude of paid databases and genealogical resources to locate those heirs; and when appropriate make initial contact with the heirs at your request. Our services help you expedite legal matters related to wills, probates, and other legal matters.  Depending upon the complexity of the matter our budgets start at as little as $500 on heir locates. Obviously we can not guarantee to locate everyone for $500, so while this is not a guaranteed locate, the majority of heir locates are accomplished for the minimum budget. Our goal is always to satisfy the client and obtain a repeat customer.

Clear Title Encumbrances on Real Estate & Mineral Rights Matters

There is nothing more frustrating for a realtor or landman than being unable to close that big deal because of a cloud on title, a missing heir, or a missing mineral rights owner. We routinely assist realtors and landmen in identifying and\or locating individuals to clear a cloud on title, or clear other encumbrances on real property and mineral rights matters. Whether you are an attorney, a realtor, or a landman; we can expedite the process of identifying and locating the necessary parties and determine whether they are living or deceased. We can then locate the party and put them directly in touch with you. If you prefer we can actually meet with the parties and obtain signed quit claim deeds, heirship affidavits, and other critical legal documents; that clear title encumbrances. Don’t let that big real estate or land deal slip away because you think your party can’t be found. If you lack the time or resources to hunt down real property or mineral rights owners, give us a call and we will devise a strategy to clear that title encumbrance.

Skip Tracing Houston

Whether the witness, is avoiding service of a subpoena, or has simply relocated and can not be found; we will help you find them so you can get them served.  While most witnesses understand that they can not blatantly avoid service of a subpoena, they frequently consider it a major inconvenience, and do little to accommodate the process. We are usually able to identify home and work addresses which enable effective execution of service.

Debtor Locates

These skips can be the most difficult to locate. In fact the term skiptrace or skip trace originally was coined from the expression “to skip town”, meaning a debtor who left town in a hurry leaving few clues behind for the investigator to “trace”. Odds are, if a debtor owes you money, they owe others money. They frequently use false or altered social security numbers and dates of birth. Debtors move frequently and often misreport addresses and other identifying information. Databases are either nonexistent or are littered with inaccuracies and old outdated information. We have the experience to spot valid identifiers and turn them into leads that that result in a successful skiptrace. These individuals are often found through relatives, neighbors, and former or current co-workers.

Witness Locates & Statements

We are able to help you find your witnesses fast and efficiently. If needed we can make contact with the witness once they are located and find out what they know about your case. If you need a statement from the witness, we can quickly obtain a tape recorded or written statement, and have it legally notarized if needed. We have interviewed countless witnesses and understand the subtleties of the process. When you really need a particular witness, we can find them and deliver them to you.

Missing Persons

At the end of 2005 the Department of Justice reported 109,531 active missing person cases. More than half of those reported were children under the age of 18. Private investigators are frequently hired to find official missing persons or estranged relatives or associates. Some cases are not formally filed with law enforcement as missing person cases. Most have simply lost touch, though some have chosen to disappear for whatever reason. Each missing person case is unique and costs can range from several hundred dollars per case, to several thousand dollars per case. If you have a proper name and proper identifiers, such as date of birth, or social security number, your chance of success is greatly enhanced. We are available to discuss your case if you have a need for a competent Houston skiptrace investigator or professional missing persons investigator.