Background Checks Explained

A background check is generally used by an employer before finalizing employment. The purpose of a background check is usually to evaluate a job candidate’s qualifications and integrity. A background check can be used to confirm information -such as previous work history and education, and to rule out any criminal history.

The most commonly requested employment background check categories are employee work history, bankruptcy, higher education, criminal history, liens and judgments.

Employee Work History

Employee work history is often used to confirm the dates, salary, and titles of previous work experience, and is used to confirm information that is on a resume or employment application.

Higher Education Verification

College attendance and degree inquiries are usually required to confirm that an applicant attended the schools that they say they did, and that the degree that was listed on the application is a valid one. A competent private investigator has access to a national database which contains attendance and degree records for over 95% of colleges and universities.

Criminal History

Criminal history background checks are conducted, at the federal, state and local level depending on the client’s needs.  If one is applying for a position in a financial or security field, a full criminal history is critical, and necessary to protect the employers liability.

When it comes to background checks, many people are apprehensive about giving information out. Whether they have a criminal history or not, many people are worried about identity theft, and are concerned about giving out personal information that is required for background checks. However, job applicants should be aware that background checks are a common procedure done by many employers, and are especially common among certain sectors such as financial, education and childcare.

Background checks are commonly conducted to protect against actual or potential fraud. They also serve to validate the credibility and honesty of job applicants, and parties and witnesses in civil and criminal actions.

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