Locate Heirs to a Houston Estate

Heirs to Estates

We have had remarkable success assisting clients in their efforts to identify and locate missing or unknown heirs. Whether you are an attorney or an executor, we can help you identifying and locating heirs, and\or their relatives; and determining whether they are living or deceased. We rely on a multitude of paid databases and genealogical resources in order to locate those heirs; and when appropriate make initial contact with the heirs at your request. Our services help you expedite  matters related to wills, probates, and other legal matters. Depending upon the complexity of the matter our budgets start at as little as $500 on heir locates. Obviously we can not guarantee to locate everyone for $500, so while this is not a guaranteed locate, the majority of heir locates are accomplished for the minimum budget. Our goal is always to satisfy the client and obtain a repeat customer.