How an Investigator Can Help

Hiring a licensed, experienced private investigator can have a significant impact on your case in court.

In matters related to family law, a private investigator can be especially helpful.

An experienced investigator can obtain evidence for you such as video, photos, and witness locating and questioning. All of this can help your case in court, providing the courts with substantial evidence on which to base their decision.

There is nothing that can help your case more than well-documented, reliable, evidence. Many times, a private investigator’s findings determine the outcome of a case.

Why Hire a Private investigator?

A private investigator’s job is to obtain valuable evidence for you, to help you to prove your case in court. A licensed private investigator knows the law about investigations and understands how to conduct surveillance and research effectively -and legally. Licensed private investigator’s videos and photos are admissible as evidence in court. If you are not a licensed private investigator, you should avoid doing undercover investigative work. Not only is there a good chance that your photos and videos will get thrown out by the court, but since it is a crime to impersonate yourself as a private investigator, you may even be charged with stalking.

What Evidence Does a Private Investigator Collect?

Generally, a private investigator who is in search of evidence will conduct surveillance, photography, and videography. A private investigator may also locate witnesses to obtain statements, and perform public record searches that can help an attorney’s argument.

In many family law cases, one of the parents is providing an environment that is not conducive to the safety of their child. These types of people may be drinking too much, or bringing the children around convicts, drug users, or sex offenders –and they may be lying about it. Rather than turning the court case into a case of “he said/she said,” a licensed private investigator will be able to conduct background checks and set up surveillance that can monitor the situation, collecting valuable evidence for your case in court.

Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

If your attorney is not sure that you will win your court case, then you should consider hiring a licensed private investigator. Should you lose your case due to lack of evidence, appeals and retrials are costly and time-consuming. An experienced private investigator will be able to uncover evidence or proof that you need for your court case. Going without a private investigator isn’t worth the risk.

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