How to Fight Fraud

Stay Safe At Home

Identity theft doesn’t just happen when someone is out and about, it can also happen at home. While home is the place to relax and let your guard down, take care to avoid becoming complacent when it comes to guarding your identity.

Keep your documents safe

Destroy unneeded bank statements and other documents that include personal information or bank account numbers. Keep all of your valuable, personal documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, and passports in a safe, and ideally locked, location.

Monitor your accounts

Keep an eye on your bank statements and credit card statements for unusual activity, or any activity that isn’t related to your usual business.

Destroy your hard drive when you get rid of your computer

Deleting your information off the hard drive isn’t enough. Information can still stay on your hard drive. Make sure your hard drive is properly cleaned or destroyed before getting rid of your computer.

Stay Safe While Out

Limit your belongings

Try to only carry one or two credit cards with you at a time. Avoid carrying your social security card, birth certificate, and passport with you unless it is absolutely necessary.

Be aware at ATMs

Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking people hanging around. Cover your pin number when you enter it at the ATM, and take any receipts with you when you leave. Try to run your card as credit instead of debit to limit the amount of information given out.

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