Long Range Surveillance

Long range surveillance is an advanced investigative technique that involves special skills and equipment.

Effective long-range surveillance involves hours of training and practice. It takes time, experience, and trial and error to perfect techniques and become effective at producing results.

When is Long Range Surveillance Used?

Long range surveillance is frequently used when investigating workers’ compensation claims, workplace theft, insurance defense, and domestic investigations.

Other commonly requested investigations involve divorce, child custody, and infidelity. Long range surveillance can help to provide valuable information for a court case, or for those who are concerned about fidelity or the wellbeing of a loved one.

What Does Long Range Surveillance Involve?

A highly qualified private investigator will have a broad array of digital and optical equipment and will be able to obtain the highest quality video and photographic evidence available. Since covert surveillance involves viewing from a distance, long-range viewing equipment can help to create an accurate observation. Binoculars and telescopes are often used in long-term surveillance

Long range surveillance requires experience, time, and patience. In many cases, it involves using stakeout techniques to observe subjects. A surveillance investigator tries to remain inconspicuous, to avoid confrontation however long-range surveillance is not without its risks.

Night Surveillance

Night surveillance has its advantages and disadvantages. Night surveillance requires a particular type of surveillance and involves different techniques and equipment than daytime surveillance needs. Night equipment can include, night vision equipment such as infrared technology, and high-speed telephoto camera lenses.

What is Surveillance Used For?

The documentation and photographic or video evidence that the surveillance investigator obtains can be used in court as evidence, or the investigator may be called on to testify on his findings.

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